Craftsmanship & fine ingredients


Coffee is something we absolutely love. Besides that perfect taste (and sure, fabulous caffeine high) it provides us with a regular opportunity to connect socially, gather for conversations, pause to inspire creativeness, and someday maybe even start revolutions. At 4121 MAIN we focus on both the delicious taste and quality of each cup as well as the intentionality of that moment and/or conversation and exchange.


We source our coffee from Heart Coffee Roasters in Portland OR an exceptional company whose mission is simply stated: “uncompromised quality”. We are obsessed and constantly intrigued with how their coffees taste. Each varietal they offer is carefully selected by traveling to origin, collaborating with the farmers, and roasting with a craftsman’s precision to bring forth all the distinct nuances. The result: overwhelmingly delicious coffee.


Of equal importance to the quality of sourced ingredients, is making each drink with specific brew techniques and focused preparation as well as working on state of the art equipment. Our baristas at 4121 MAIN work on the Spirit Duette espresso machine designed by Kees van der Westen – a distinctive machine and functional piece of art built by hand in Holland.




Spirit espresso machine at 4121 Main, Pittsburgh
Spirit espresso machine and flowers at 4121 Main, Pittsburgh




Cappuccino and flowers at 4121 Main, Pittsburgh
Heart Coffee and flowers at 4121 Main, Pittsburgh