Inspired creativity and conversation


Nestled in the center of Pittsburgh, between the neighborhoods of Bloomfield and Lawrenceville, sits a beautiful 1920’s tiny storefront at 4121 Main Street.

A concept shop where the name is the same as the address, 4121 MAIN functions as a gallery featuring flowers, fine art, and a high end coffee bar. Join the founder Thommy Conroy, as he shares his respective expertise in coffee, floristry, event planning, and art collecting, for inspired creativity and conversation.

Upon entering 4121 MAIN, you will experience a clear sense of
intentional curation, as the shop presentation is guided by a regularly changing editorial calendar. Driven by new ideas, seasonal concepts,
and a focus on artistic intention, the owners create a space that calls back to the origins of the coffee shop and salon, a place to start and engage with revolution. An emphasis on intentionality and craftsmanship guide curation of items such as fresh flower bouquets, personal gifts, cards, Bellocq Tea, and Heart Coffee.




The coffee bar is focused on the best ingredients, superior craftsmanship, and the community that arises from conversation and sharing new ideas. Selecting coffees from Heart Coffee Roasters in Portland OR, 4121 MAIN serves traditional coffee and espresso drinks noted for their delicious and smooth nuances from the single origin, direct trade beans.

Known for his work in both the non-profit and private sectors around the Pennsylvania and New York regions, Mr. Conroy has been working in event architecture, floristry, and art curation since 2002. Hailing from a fine art and theater background, Mr. Conroy creates events that focus on guest experience and unforgettable moments, with a floristry practice based in studies in classical floral composition and ikebana technique. He was awarded by the Pittsburgh Creativity Project for
acting as a curator to expand the range of work and deliver artistic
product to Pittsburgh.



4121 Main: a flower, coffee, art, and design concept shop in Pittsburgh, Pa

Come to learn more about exciting new ideas in art, the most
delicious ways to enjoy coffee, and bring home a piece to share fine craftsmanship and intentionality for more meaningful experiences.


Founder: Thommy Conroy